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Talk to our Experts Discover our powerful solution for fighting aging signs and skin imperfections. Our advanced devices offer high-performance treatments for the face and body, targeting sagging skin, pigment spots, and capillary redness.



Introducing our cutting-edge solution for combating the visible signs of aging and addressing skin imperfections. Our advanced devices offer high-performance treatments designed to rejuvenate and target common concerns such as sagging skin, pigment spots, and capillary redness.


Our IPL emits perfectly filtered yellow light, delivering controlled energy that stimulates collagen production or selectively eliminates imperfections through photocoagulation. This process accelerates natural cell renewal, resulting in a uniform complexion and youthful radiance.


With a range of highly profitable skin photorejuvenation treatments at your disposal, you can effectively target aging signs on the face and body. Our Phototoning® and Anti-Aging solutions will help maximize profit in your skincare business.

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Benefits of Phototensor and Anti-Aging Care

Smoothly reducing fine lines, our treatment enhances client satisfaction while stimulating collagen and elastin production for enduring results. By tightening pores and restoring elasticity, it promotes smoother skin texture and suppleness, thus increasing client retention. Additionally, it provides lasting rejuvenation with a plumping effect, encouraging repeat business, and boosts radiance while preventing aging, attracting new clients.

The results speak volumes, with just one session often enough to enhance radiance and even out skin tone. Offering 5 to 6 sessions per year, spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart, alongside maintenance sessions, ensures a gradual and sustainable reduction in aging effects while maximizing profit.

Discover the profit-boosting prowess of our Photorejuvenation today—the essential solution for your business’s triumph in the thriving skincare industry.

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Disclaimer:  Certain treatments are exclusively administered by medical professionals in accordance with jurisdictional regulations.

“It has been an amazing experience with Concept Hebe and Adéna®. My clients are referring their friends and family.”

Sabrina Carbonneau
Medical esthetician
Studio Fresh Esthétique


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